Veronica - Its Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

For many people, the etymology and meaning of any given name are an important part of life. Knowing how your own name originated and what it literally means can give you new perspective on the nature and course of your own life, particularly if you are one of the many people who believe that everything occurs for a reason. Not many parents just throw out the first name that comes into their minds and attempt to apply it to their newborn child. For most parents, the process is a painstaking exercise that requires sifting through and considering literally hundreds and thousands of potential name prospects. Determining the meaning of those names is an attempt to better define ourselves while also paying tribute to the efforts our parents undertook to provide us with just the right name to last a lifetime. The name “Veronica”, for example, provides us with an interesting study on both counts.

The Origins

The true origins of the name Veronica are lost in time and history. In fact, there have been several different camps that have arisen, each with widely varying notions about the name’s first uses and possible meanings. One camp holds that Veronica is simply the Latinized form of Berenice – a name that was fairly common in Greece. The Greek name is, in fact, a derivative of the older Greek words “pherein nike,” which translate to “bring victory”. As a female name, it literally means “she who brings victory”.

During medieval times, the popular assumption was that the name could be roughly translated as the Latin “vera eikon” which means true image – a reference to the legend involving a Veronica in the area of Jerusalem who supposedly wiped the brow of Jesus on his way to the Cross. This created what is now known as the Veil of Veronica: a veil that contains marking that many claim are the image of the Savior.

Still, others simply believe that the name Veronica is a reference to those who lived in the area of Verona, Italy. Many etymologists prefer this last explanation for the name, despite its admitted lack of romanticism. It is, of the three, almost certainly the least controversial.


Veronica remains a name that slips into and out of popularity on a regular basis. On a number of occasions, it has found its way into the top 100 popular names in any given year but more frequently remains on the edges of common usage. For many parents, this makes it an ideal name for any daughter that they wish to christen with something other than common, everyday names. It is at once exotic and easy to pronounce and thanks to its use in popular culture – one of the main characters in the Archie Comics universe uses the name – it is still capable of evoking specific imagery. For many who hear the name, the syllables themselves conjure an impression of strength and beauty, both in a classical and modern sense.



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